Server rack

IMG_20140809_173016633Ok…  So I gave up on the build your own server rack idea and decided to purchase one off of Craigslist.  I acutally found a really great one and a great price.  It is just a basic 16U rack but it is big enough for my future plans but not so big it take up the whole room.  I had to clean it up and give it a fresh coat of paint but it looks great and keeps everything in one place which is exactly what I was looking for.

Next up is building a Freenas box.  I will post the details later when I start building it.

New Server case

So I am finally living my dream and building all of my server stuff into a rack. Last night I moved the server into a new rack mount 4u case and it is pretty awesome. A lot quieter then my previous case and so far is keeping things a lot cooler.

The next step is to build the rack. I found a cool link on instructibles to build a rack out of an Ikea end table that looks very cool. Once I get the parts i will post some pictures of the build and the final product.

Raspberry PI and Raspbmc

I thought I would finally post something here about what I have done with the amazing little device the Raspberry PI.  If anyone is unfamiliar with this cool little device, it is a credit card sized computer that runs off a SD card.  I have 9 of them now.  7 are running Raspbmc ( which is a custom OS built off of XBMC (  XBMC is a great little piece of software for media centers.

There is no end to the projects that you can do with these things.  Some of my future ones involve a custom video phone out of an old pay phone.  A front door camera with a small LCD panel and side cameras.  As I get into those projects I will post some pictures and how I did it.

You can order your own Raspberry PI from here

Have fun!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Got to watch the new Captain America movie on Friday night with my good friend Abner.  I must say that it was probably the best of the Marvel movies so far.  The action was great and the story line was more along the lines of a good spy movie and less of a superhero movie.  I really suggest going to see this movie it is really good.

Captain America has never been my favorite superhero but the recent movies and The Avengers have created a new interest in me.


Comic-Con 2014 and The Lego Movie

So today has been an exciting day, even though there is a lot of work still waiting for me.  This morning passes for the greatest convention on earth finally went on sale.  I had been waiting since December when we were told they would go on sale.  They completely changed the process again, they still can’t seem to get it right, but at least it worked out for everyone I know.  I was able to get myself and my family tickets for all of the days that we wanted, my buddies were also able to get what they wanted.  Here is the thing though…  the process was full of stress and since it was impossible to know your place in line you had no idea if you even had a chance to get tickets.  It would have been better if while you were waiting you knew how close to the front of the line you were.  Otherwise it was fine I guess, maybe I am just a little upset that it has come to this.  I remember when only comic book fans and sci-fi fans went to the con, now it is full of tweens and anyone who wants to promote their new TV show.  Movies and TV take center stage and the comic artists get pushed to the back.  Do not get me wrong, the artist and soul is still there, or I would not be going, it is just cluttered with other noise now days.


Then after we got the Con situation taken care of I took the kids to see The Lego Movie,  Absolutely a great film.  Funny, and entertaining for adults and children.  Even our 4 year old loved it and has been repeating lines all day.

It has been a while

So it has been a long while since I posted anything.  I do promises to get better at it lol. 

My mom is visiting right now which is really nice.  We are watching Sherlock which is an awesome show.  One of the best out there.  I wish they would make more then 3 in a season.  Any way.  We are having a nice time and I am starting a week long vacation so that is great.


For some reason I am getting back into hockey.  I am not really sure why, i have never been much of a sports fan.  I mean, I like going to sporting events but was never what you would call a die hard fan, except for hockey, and specifically the Detroit Red Wings.

I am, after all, from Michigan and being a fan of the Wings is pretty much required by law.  But ever since moving to California I lost touch.  This year I have started to follow the scores and the playoffs and especially the Ducks/Wings series.  Tonight I watched my first game on TV in years and wow it was cool.  Great overtime win by the Wings and I am looking forward to Sunday’s game.

Beautiful Hawaii

Well today is our first day on the big island of Hawaii.  It is beautiful here.  I am glad it is just Jenn and I but I do miss the kids already.

The resort is great, you can see the ocean from our room and the mountain or volcano lol.  We are going to check that out while we are here.  Not sure what else is on the schedule, we are going to figure that out at breakfast.  There is tons to do.  The volcano, the Mona loa nut facility, swimming with dolphins and
turtles, and of course food :-)


What I’ve been up to

Well it has been a great few months.  I finished school.  I will walk in April finally getting my bachelors degree in business.  It has been a great time but I am glad it is over.  Next year I will be going back to get my Masters, but until then I am taking a break.

I have been spending some time with my baby girl which has been great.  She is truly the most wonderful thing I have ever done.

I am also working on my home network and learning some coding in the process.  It has been really fun but also a challenge.  I want to clean up the server and get all my xbmc installations updated.  I also got a new tablet.  I got the Nexus 10 and am so glad I did.  This thing is awesome.  Super fast, awesome screen, and a sweet os.  I love android.

Well I am going to post some new movie reviews soon.  Bye for now